Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thank you Sponsors!

I have the great privilege of being sponsored by two of the best companies that support and promote ultra-endurance events. I am deeply grateful for their support for the Spartathlon.

THANK YOU AdventureCORPS! Many of you already know how special the Badwater race is to me. I love everything about it. The environment, the runners, the organization, running it, working it. AdventureCORPS is a highly admirable top-notch company that puts on the world-class Badwater Ultramarathon, the Furnace Creek 508 and many other ultra-endurance events. I am humbled and proud to represent AdventureCORPS at the Spartathlon. Thank you Chris Kostman!

About AdventureCORPS, Inc.

AdventureCORPS, Inc. is an athlete-run firm producing and promoting ultra-endurance and extreme sports events, lifestyle, and media. Adventure is our way of life.

AdventureCORPS’ world-class events for athlete-adventurers include epic races such as the Badwater Ultramarathon and Furnace Creek 508, muiti-day Cycling Lifestyle Adventures known as CORPScamps, plus several endurance cycling events and charity rides in Death Valley and beyond. We also host and develop our adventure-related websites and provide a variety of adventure-related services, as outlined below.

Founded in 1984 by Chris Kostman, this group effort is dedicated to exploring the inner and outer universes, seeking adventure, energy, and insight both in daily life and "out there."

Our slogan is
"We're Out There"

Our prime directive is
"To Seek and Share Adventure"

And THANK YOU, Drymax!

These are THE BEST socks for ultra-endurance events. I used to have trouble with blisters, and I thought I was always going to have to put up with them during my ultramarathon races. I tried all sorts of remedies and brands of socks with only modest success. I knew after Badwater 2007, when I suffered severe blisters for 80 miles, that I had to find new socks. Then, a friend introduced me to Drymax. I tried their socks and was absolutely amazed at their performance. I have not had ONE blister since I started wearing these socks! From extremely hot and dry conditions to 100-miles in the non-stop rain to shoe-sucking muddy trails...these socks are hands-down the very best for my feet. I never worry about blisters any more. I have complete confidence in these socks.

Thank you, Drymax! I am proud to wear your Maximum Protection Running Socks during the Spartathlon. My crew will be wearing Drymax socks too and they thank you as well! Gus Blythe and Bob MacGillivary are doing great work for ultra athletes.

Now, I can't end here without mentioning a few medical providers who have been instrumental in helping me through my training for the race. Special thanks goes to Kimberly Shaddox, LAC who is a licensed acupuncturist. She has helped me in so many ways, especially with "winding me down" as she likes to call it. Thank you for your positive can-do attitude and for your "intentional healing."

Also, I have two massage therapists who have been exceedingly helpful during my training - Garrick Thompson, LMP and Colene Lange, LMP. Both have dug their hands into my muscles relieving stress and tension and fatigue, helping me recover from those long runs (and even from the sore back from moving). I am extremely grateful to you for helping me and for believing in me.

THANK YOU! I couldn't do it without you!

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One week away! How are you feeling right now?