Monday, August 25, 2008

Cascade Crest 100 Volunteer

The CCC100 was this past weekend. As usual, I volunteered to help out, this time marking the course and sweeping. We had beautiful weather, perfect for a 100 mile race.

It was so good to see friends.

It was soooo good to be out on the trails. What a nice treat to watch Steely run! He was so good and exhausted.

Congratulations to all runners who toed the line!

Here are the results.


Tammy said...

Hi Lisa,

I love the picture of your dog running! He looks like he is really enjoying it. Gilligan, our dog enjoys a life of leisure and plods along grudgingly during hikes and walks (running is not even on his radar!)

Cascade Crest sounds like a beautiful course. It is really super that you volunteered! I hope the running you did while trail marking and sweeping will help in your preparation for Spartathon.


Bob Gentile said...

LOL Look at Steely with that tongue hanging out and looking for an aid station :-)

Spartaaaaaaaa baby !!

olga said...

Hey, cutie-pie, it was awesome to see you! Bestest luck in Greece, I'll be thinking of you!!!


Steely blends in with the rocks!