Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow-spanked Spokane

Wow! We got TONS of snow this weekend. And more is on the way. I'm actually snowed in. My street is under at least 2 feet of snow.

The city doesn't plow the side streets, and this leads to mayhem for so many people. It was impossible to get to work today and I had to reschedule all my appointments. Basically, most of the city is shut down. The city roads themselves are not so bad; they do plow those. However, unlike the Midwest, they don't salt the roads out here. They just sometimes put sand down on top of the snow. Personally, I think a thin layer of sand atop the snow does absolutely nothing for traction. It's ridiculous.

I personally witnessed 2 accidents today. Cars simply lost control on the icy roads. Last night as of the 10 pm news, there were 150 "reported accidents." The postman's truck - with chains on - got stuck trying to turn onto my road. Surely, the garbage won't be picked up any time soon! Ain't that just NUTS?!?

I can't help but recall just how well the city of Chicago kept its streets. The plows and salt trucks were always ready to pounce at the first hint of snow. Sure, the cars on the side streets would get plowed under and your car's undercarriage would get salt-crusted, but at least commuters could get to work and the roads would actually get cleared, not just dusted with sand.

Despite the entropy, however, there is also a sense of unity in the air. The world is now white and quiet. I met my new neighbors across the street. We helped each other out for hours yesterday. People are driving around looking for people to help. Thank you's and smiles fuel compassion, and spreading good karma is the obvious goal of many. For some reason too, walking down the middle of the street in moon boots and bomber hats unleashes a spirit of adventure. Today, it brightened up beautifully and the snow covered evergreens carved glistening silhouettes against the brilliant blue sky.

The next snow storm is on its way and will blanket us while we sleep.

Zappa watches the snow fall on the driveway

A closer look at the driveway

Zappa on the deck





Bob Gentile said...

I was once up in Buffalo during a major snow storm and it was like it never happened a few hours later, they are like Chicago in clearing it out Fast.

Glad everyone is helping each other out, that is how 99% of us are built, unfortunately though many need 5 feet of snow to show their helping side :-( the pics

Zappa's like hmmmm i don't think I can fly around in this white stuff, It looks deep.

Steely's like come on Rookie stick with me, once we get going it will be fun :-)

Ok off to the pool I feel kinda white now need some color!

olga said...

We got a layer on Monday morning, and since city doesn't plow the streets either, there was no school day (hooray for kids!). I still had to work. It wasn't too bad, but I hate stupid sand, I think it ruins engine or something...Beautiful pictures, I love looking at lots of snow behind the window:)

KendraBo said...

So bee-yoo-tee-full with the blue sky above! The dogs are so cute, too! Great photos.

Anna said...

Beautiful! (The snow AND the dogs).

We've had LOTS of snow here in WI, as you probably know. It's been great. Very pretty.

AnthonyP said...

Hi Lisa. Bob G. was busting my butt to check out your blog, and I finally have.

Keep that snow away from New York !