Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm back!

Hello everyone!

I've been "away" for quite a long time and am back to do a little blogging here and there. I've had diversions that have kept me away and they will yet limit my posts here, but I thought I'd come back and say, at least, that I've missed you all!

I've checked in on everyone's blogs and it's amazing how well you all are doing! All the training miles and races and resolutions and upcoming plans. It's so wonderful to read all the great news and see pictures of your adventures. You all look great, staying in shape through the holidays....even Bob, despite the extra 5.

Here's my brief update:

I started running a bit after returning from Greece. My running is really not training at all. Rather, I just run some weekends, some short 5 milers and some longer 20 milers, nothing to brag about. I signed up for Across the Years a long time ago. It's a race I've wanted to do for years. I'm toeing the start line of the 48 hour race and my goal is to stay on my feet (except for a couple of breaks) for 2 days. I originally planned to race, but a repeat ankle sprain has left me healing up for the last few weeks. I'm way out of shape right now! Of course, it therefore goes without saying that my goal is to have tons of FUN with friends there. It is the PERFECT way to bring in the New Year, yep!

I'd like to introduce the new addition to my family. No, I didn't have a baby, nor am I pregnant! Rather, my Weimie Steely needed a brother and I decided to rescue a dog. After long consideration, I adopted a greyhound. Here he is:

He's an ex-racer, 4 years old, and his race name is Flaco, Spanish for skinny. Hmm, not sure why! He's a tall thin boy with brindle markings, a white chest, paws, and tail tip. He didn't know anything beyond the track and his crate for 4 years, and he required lots of "training" to get used to a home with tile floors and glass windows (he thought he could go right through them). He learned how to use the dog door in no time and he eventually started eating. His weight was a concern at first, and I actually questioned if I was going to be able to get him to eat, but eventually he settled in, and now he's a good eater and is showing less of his rib cage.

He's a goof. He "boxes" with his front paws when he's excited, he's exceedingly cuddly, and he runs like the WIND!
So, now I've got Steely, the Weimaraner for endurance running and the greyhound for speedwork! (Not that I ever do that....though I should.)

He didn't respond to his given name Flaco, so I changed it. I tried on several names, and in the end, the best fit is Zappa. So, I introduce to you my family:

Best wishes everyone for a happy and healthy holiday season!


AnthonyP said...

Happy Holidays.....

Just wait...Bob is in for ODM 100 and GTR 100 in 2008.


olga said...

Cuties!!! Happy holidays, Lisa, glad you're back, and best wishes at ATY!!! Wish I could check up on you, but Russia is a 3rd world country with no computers in my family:( I'll be thinking of you!

*tc said...

Lisa, good to see your smiling face again! Merry Christmas! Have fun at ATY.


Bob Gentile said...

Bob's going back to on-line poker, beers & Cigars for 2008' :-) easier to train for -lol

Merry Christmas Lisa & Love ur new addition to ur family!!!

Catch up with ya soon!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Good to hear a bit from you.. We've missed you.. Will be thinking of you during ATY-- you'll have a blast! Who knows, maybe you'll even surprise us again with a win-- not going to put it past you. Zappa-- what a beautiful dog to share your love with.. Can't wait to meet him!
Love, Leah

Ian said...

H Lisa
Welcome back my friend and a Happy Christmas to you and the doggies. Good luck at ATY, I'll be watching the webcast and cheering you on.