Friday, June 08, 2007

Off to Boise for the Shafer-Butte ~52-miler

I'm road-tripping to Boise tomorrow. I leave in the morning and am meeting Tim Englund in the Tri-Cities. We will then drive in together from there. The race is Saturday morning. It's about 52 miles long but it sounds like nobody really knows for sure...and nobody really cares at all. It's supposed to be a beautiful race with lots of elevation change. I'll be bringing my camera.

The goal is to take is nice and easy and to save the ankles on the trail. Now's NOT the time for messing up an ankle! I'm sure everything will be fine.

Too bad a cold front came in and is now hanging around. It's been in the 50s in the evening. Downright C-C-C-OLD! So much for heat training in Boise! I will have to overdress a bit to make it work. At least that's easy to do.

I have to be back in Spokane by Sunday afternoon because I am going to work out with the kids for whom I am raising money at Badwater. More links will go up later once we get online donating hooked up.

Today I did a short 5 minute interview with Comcast Local Edition, hosted by Steve Mumm. It will air in a couple of weeks. It will start off my charity fund raising for Team St. Lukes, a Spokane team comprised of athletes with disabilities.

I hope everybody has fun runs this weekend!


Backofpack said...

Have fun in Boise! Hope it warms up for you.

Bob Gentile said...

Have a great weekend, Bundle up!!! get that heat training in :-)

Come down here it's been HOT & HUMID, I am drenched within 20 secs of my run--LOL

what does stink is the Lightning Storms have to watch that stuff... does give u a good pump when a bolt gets close though, helps with speed work-haha

olga said...

Say hi to theresa, she is wonderful! So are Boise hills!!! they have a special beuty, different, but very awesome, and lots and lots of climbing! Don't get lost:) and have much of fun!!

Anonymous said...


olga said...

still waiting:)