Saturday, June 02, 2007

New Orleans --> HOME at last!

(pic: Desert moon by Dave Remington.)

After 9 days away, I am finally home. Now, I have a tons of catching up to do!

The ACSM conference was good. Not great like it usually is, but certainly good with several excellent speakers on good topics like:

Dietary protein requirements for endurance athletes
Glycerin supplementation for hydration
Glucosamine & chondroitin
Central nervous system & running in the heat
Exertional heat illness - how to treat in the field
and many many more relavant topics

Of course, Jeff, Joe and I presented "Research and Clinical Medicine of the Toughest Ultramarathons." It went well; good questions at the discussion.

We also had our Endurance Medicine Special Interest Group meeting on Thursday night. That went very well....we keep growing in size. I will do my best to keep promoting research and to keep it growing even more.

I spent all day today traveling and am now ready for bed. It is supposed to be in the 90's tomorrow, so looks like I'll hit the roads at noon for a 20-miler in the heat. Yippee! Finally, it's summer! (...though I hear it's supposed to cool off again after the weekend.) I'll take what I can get and am just happy that I'm home on a Sunday. I ran only once in New Orleans. We did about 5+ miles with temps in the 80's with, of course, bucket-loads of humidity. I was never hot. A good sign!

I think I may head back to Death Valley again before the race. Maybe over Fouth of July weekend. I don't really need it; I just really WANT to go there. Did I tell you HOW MUCH GLORIOUS FUN I had running down the west side of Towne Pass. It's 13 miles all downhill, with up to 9% grades!! Wheeeeee! There are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS views of the valley and also of the road to Panamint ahead. The top of Towne Pass at just about 5000 feet is, for me, the start of a new race as I start running down. But a WARNING to all Badwater rookies reading this: The top of Towne Pass is mile 58.7 of the race. You will be happy to run downhill after the 15 mile climb up the hill; HOWEVER, remember, you have another 76 more miles to go and the downhill can literally make your legs crumble and your toes scream. It's a looong way down. Heed the warning, yes, but don't forget to HAVE FUN, gaze around as you descend, smile at the valley below and at the long stretch of road (your road) up on the horizon, throw your arms out to the side, and yell something fun, positive, loving to the valley below.

(pic: the road to Panamint levels off as it gets nearer the valley)


Olga said...

It's so much fun to read how people have thier favorite races and places and how much passion they put into every word about it:)
It is also really contagious!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lisa B said...

FYI - I deleted the above comment by KELLY NICHOLS, who lurks around ultrarunning sites (often with aliases) and blogs and incessantly puts down ultrarunners and brags about her running in college. I note that it's been a long time that she's run fast in college and that she is married to an ultrarunner. All her negative comments would have to include him too. It's too bad because, while I don't know him personally, I hear her ultrarunning husband is very nice.

Anyway, Kelly, you are NOT WELCOME here. I find you and your comments a drag on all that is good in life. I'm not sure if you are sick or just a real asshole. If you are sick, I hope you get help. Whatever the case, you are not welcome here and I will promptly DELETE any other comments you leave here. I know scores of other people who feel the same way, so perhaps you should start looking for your tail.

timkj said...

Bravo Lisa. Although I've never been to Hawaii, Tahiti, or Bali, I can't understand why people would want to go there to relax when they can "chill" with friends and take leisurely strolls in places like Badwater USA!

timkj said...

We're all just Crazy Mutant Desert People!

Bob - said...

Welcome Back Lisa... Hope u get to go back for a bit more before the big race :-)

Olga said...

Good for you, Lisa, on the above! Slow ultrarunning geeks, unite, and include those fast ones too, because 99.9% of our worls are the nicest species that can be found in Homo Sapiens breed!
Anywho, I really meant what I said - I think I am applying next year for WS, HR and BW - and watch, with my luck, I'll get in all three!!!

Journey to a Centum said...


Lot's of excitement in the air! Can't wait to read your race report when Badwater is in the books! Stay healthy and run happy!

Please don't delete my comment. I didn't run in college unless you consider chasing women collegiate running. Oh wait.. I dated, then married Michelle during my college years. Dang! I must be a nobody. But I'm having fun!

Journey to a Centum said...

Just to qualify my last comments... I am forever blessed to have met and married Michelle. In no way was I implying that I'm a nobody for having done so. My life is complete with her.

I was just alluding to the fact that I had not run in college and of course sicko girl would feel that I amount to zero.

Please don't delete this comment or I'll forever be in hot water with my knarly toed sweetheart.

Lisa B said...

JTaC said: "Please don't delete this comment or I'll forever be in hot water with my knarly toed sweetheart.

You are a riot, Eric! You didn't need to qualify your was spot on and hilarious.

BUT...better to be on the safe side if that sweet, wonderful knarly toe woman is crewing you at Western States! :)

Hope YOUR training runs went well.