Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tim's Sunflower pics

(picture courtesy of Tim Englund)

Check out Tim's Sunflower Double pictures.


Bob Gentile said...

Sweeeeeeet Pic Lisa.... Had a blast at camp & Dave #2 is a good peep, and a natural effortless runner... he is an ultra machine in training, that dude has a bright running future :-)He was running those Sand Dune repeats like a walk in the park--geesh...

Awesome post below, sweet training run!! and yes Rest up for your 50miler coming up...one of many things I learned at camp was talking about QUALITY Miles vs JUNK Miles.

Thomas Peters said...

Lisa, Nice pic, looks like a nice view. See you at Badwater this year. Tom

Lisa B said...

Hi Tom! Looking forward to seeing you. Only 2 months away!

elizabeth said...

I noticed you mentioned your Wink pack, just wondering how you chose the Wink over the Nathan Intensity?

Lisa B said...

Hi Elizabeth -
You know, I liked the Wink so much, I never even tried the Intensity! I still have it and will some day try it, but I stand by my Wink!
Sorry I can't compared the two.