Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tour the Badwater course - a photo journal by Dr. Ben Jones

(pic: Mile 100 on the Badwater course. Photo courtesy of Dr. Ben Jones)

OK, perhaps it's time for something a little lighter! How about something that never fails to ignite in me feelings of awe, humility, reverence. It's my sanctuary, my church. It is Death Valley. Even just looking at beautiful pictures like this stirs up all sorts of "higher" unworldly emotions.

Ben has mastered the art of photographing Death Valley, capturing just the right moments, the best angles. And he did it again. This is his newest and perhaps second only to his "Death Valley Blooms" albums, his best in my opinion.

Want to take a virtual tour of the Badwater course? Think the desert is flat? Think Heartbreak Hill is brutal? Ever wonder what the finish line looks like in the distance from the eyes of a Badwater runner? Can you imagine the sight from high up on the road to the Whitney Portals looking back at the long and winding road whence you came? ...And if you think YOUR gas is expensive?

This is the best photo journey of the Badwater course I have seen. Landmark by landmark, Ben takes you from Badwater, 282 feet below sea level, to the Mt. Whitney Portal, 135 miles away with an exotic galaxy of life and splendor in between.

If you are ready to forget about taxes and health care and insurance and training and deadlines for a little while, then go HERE and take a virtual tour. (With permission from Ben.)


Backofpack said...

Wow. That is an amazing run - and you are amazing to do it!

Bob Gentile said...

I cannot I believe I will be there in 16 days for Running Camp.... that slideshow just got me really fired up, and I am going to be blown away by the site but this has helped me from going into complete shock--lol

AWESOME Pictures thanks for putting up Lisa and THANKS Dr. Ben for some amazing shots!!!!

YES way better then that taxes, healthcare, insurance Crap-O-la :-)

olga said...

God, he sure took many shots of many miles...and it sure is a lo-o-ng way to go...

Kendra Borgmann said...

It looks so... dry! Gasp. Glad you're feeling all better Lisa. Hope you love the bike!