Friday, April 20, 2007

Death Valley training run prep

"It's very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit." - George Sheehan

So, I've booked my flights to Las Vegas for our Memorial Day Death Valley training runs. I'm going with - get this! - another Dave! That is, Dave Remington, a fellow Spokanite and Badwater veteran who is also running the race this year.

(pic: taken by Chris Kostman. Dave and I at the finish of my 2004 race. He was a race photographer that year after being injured and not able to run. He is a Badwater veteran and also completed his own "solo" run later in July 2004.)

So, we're flying out Friday, May 25th, but by the time we get to Death Valley, it'll be late afternoon. We can probably get in a short run that day. Then we've got Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for longer runs. We don't have the details yet, but this is fairly easy planning, so everything should fall into place. Maybe Dave #2 will be able to come out and provide some support on one of those days. If not, Training Dave and I will just stash some water (ok, LOTS of water!) along our route for the day.

We leave Death Valley on Tuesday, June 2nd. The good news is that I fly direct to New Orleans for the American College of Sports Medicine Conference, which starts on Wednesday and goes through the weekend. I keep realizing that that means I have to bring my computer to Death Valley (I'm giving a presentation on ultrarunning at the conference). It's also going to be a large suitcase with both running and business attire in it. Oh well, I'm pretty used to it because every year for the past 4 years, I've gone from the Western States Memorial Day training runs straight to the ACSM conference. It'll be a great 2 weeks! I'm already excited. I love this time of year!

OK, I'm just gonna run a little tomorrow. The Spokane River Run 50k is Sunday. I'm running with my camera to be sure I take it SLOW and mind the ankles. My left sacroiliac joint is nagging me and my left glute was very sore today. I stretched out the piriformis good so it's better now. I think it's from too much SITTING! It's been working non-stop on changing my business from a partnership to a solo practice. My partner is retiring. So, I'm learning it ALL now. I think I can say I have now effectively passed Business 101 and am moving on to learn more. Business 102 starts tomorrow at midnight. Once I learn it all, I'll hire someone to do it for me. I actually find all this business stuff very interesting. I wish I had more time to do it. I like the control! But, I will need help if I want to have any time for anything else in my life.

To all those running short or long or racing this weekend, I hope you have a run that makes you want to sing to yourself and smile and wave at other passersby. We are very very lucky to be healthy and physically able to run.


Backofpack said...

Eric is going to the WS training runs Memorial weekend too. You guys are hardcore!

A solo practice sounds exciting - and you are very smart to learn the business end before hiring it out. I hope it all goes well for you!

I can't remember if I mentioned that Eric and I lived in Spokane from '82 to '84. Out in the Valley, off Pine. I'd love to do a couple of runs over there - maybe one of these days. Have fun tomorrow!

olga said...

Have fun tomorrow!!

Bob Gentile said...

LISA Said:I'm going with - get this! - another Dave!
OK I believe in your former life your name was Dave-LOL or maybe David!

WELL Miss Solo BIZ WOman, that is great news ...yes smart to learn the in's & out's and the trick will be can you Delegate, can you LEAD & coach & motivate someone to help you RUN the a successful practice...I am guessing that is a "BIG FAT" YESSSSSSSS!!

It's great to find a good workout Business TEAM member (no such thing as employee) who WILL be as passionate as you are, and with your kind of energy & spirit you have U WILL attract a good one:-)

Have FUN tomorrow and the only thing I want snapping is that camera...BE Safe & God Bless!

kelly said...

Have a great run tomorrow, Lisa. Your Death Valley training weekend sounds like a blast!

Journey to a Centum said...

Beat the voice tomorrow!

Lisa B said...

Journey to a Centum said...
"Beat the voice tomorrow"


nrmrvrk said...

Do you have problems with your Sacroiliac joint? I'm looking for a Sports medicine doctor or PT that is familiar with PS/SI injuries. Do you know of anyone in the Seattle / Puget Sound area?

I'm experiencing knee tracking problems with my left knee that I suspect are due to an old PS/SI injury. Trying to find out what I need to rehab to get it under control so that I can get back on the trails pain free.