Sunday, March 25, 2007

Martinis & Green Papaya

Who's Who in Seattle?


Bob Gentile said...

hmmmm I see Olga & Lisa -lol not sure on the WHO on the other side :-( is that Jurek's wife across from Olga??

too busy to go search now for her pic on her site but might as well through out that guess--haha

Nice picture!! now bring on the food and drinks you girls look ready to have some laughs!

olga said...

The food was great, the conversations awesome, and seeing all fo you guys - priceless:) This word really does hit home, doesn't it? Those add making people sometime are onto good stuff. Like "Just do it". Wjat else to say?
Lisa, hope your bike turns out to be a jewel and your back pain goes away for good. Thanks for pointers on conference, food for thought!
I am on a single life rampage with TOO much work on top of it. Ha!