Saturday, March 10, 2007

Damn! I hate when I do that!

Damn! I hate when I do that! Is it because I am so conscious about NOT spilling water onto my keyboard that I seem to do it every now and again, probably way more frequently than the average person? Well, I did it again Friday night. This time real good. I somehow managed to knock over a bottle of water spilling nearly 6 ounces INTO - not ONTO - my keyboard. Of course, I jumped and cursed like I always do, but then I just sat back down, shook (poured) the water out of the keyboard and gave in right there to the fact that I had destroyed the keyboard.

I gave it 24 hours to see if it would dry out and work again, but nope, it was still screwed up. So, off I went to the store to get a new keyboard. The salesperson there says, "Oh that won't hurt your keyboard, as long as it's just water. Heck, every now and then I put my keyboard in the dishwasher for a good cleaning."

....Uh, in the friggin' dishwasher??

So, I'm like thinking this guy is pulling my leg. If I fall for this one and short out my next keyboard because I threw it in the dishwasher "to clean it up" then I would certainly earn the dumbass award. I bet this guy's got a bet on me with his friend or something.

But no. He says, for real, that's what he does. Then he tells me to just give it 48 hours to dry out and check it again. If it doesn't work, why then I should come back and he'll sell me a new one.

So, I respond with a slow ok and thank him and leave the store, and as I turn to walk out the door, I steal a peak back at him to see if he is snickering and winking at his friend. He is not; he is just working.

So, I gave it another 24 hours. And still wasn't working, however, it is now working better. That is, about half the keys that weren't working are now working. So, maybe there is some credence to this guy's advice.

In the meantime, I searched all our storage (garage, storage, basement) for an extra keyboard. Well, what the heck happened to them all? My God, we used to have like 10 of them, along with dinosaur computers from the 90's and 5 million cell phones! And now, where are they??

Well, oh yes, brilliant me....I've been nagging David for so long to "just get rid of all these archaic computer parts that are just sitting around collecting dust" and well....he did. They were all gone. That is, all except for one old beige dusty keyboard!

My first thought was, "I bet it doesn't work." My second thought was, "Boy, I really ought to stick this thing in the dishwasher for a good cleaning."

Not wanting to feel like a dumbass, I grabbed a cloth, cleaned it off, and plugged it in, and Wa La! It works! So, I'm connected once again to the electronic world and I can hear the tap-tap-tap of my fingertips on this old but trusty keyboard.

So, that's why I've been away for longer than usual.

Other updates:

* I will introduce my next Badwater crew member soon. Stay tuned to meet Dave #3. (Are you sensing a theme here?)

* David and I signed up for Chuckanut 50k, which is a week from today. Hills and uneven trails are my nemesis right now, but I think it's a good decision anyway. I will really take it easy on the hills and I will brace my ankle for protection. My goals are: spend time with David, see friends and have fun, stay uninjured, and finish. (Oh yeah, and to stop at the Nike Outlet Store on the way!) If I finish, then this would be only my 2nd ultra since Western States 2005 and subsequent ankle surgery.

* I woke up sick on Thursday. This is my second cold this winter. I hardly ever get sick, but there are these nasty bugs going around and I am exposed to them frequently at work. I got over my 5-week upper respiratory infection about 3 weeks ago, and now I'm sick with another one. This one's a little deeper in my chest too. Bummer.

* I met Dennis and Gunhild this morning for a long run. We did the Elder Road "Plus" loop and ran tons of beautiful rolling country roads. It was warm, about 40 degrees. That called for shorts, which felt great. The wind was strong. The run was perfect. We finished back at the cars and Gunhild-with-the-Garmin said we had run only 19 miles. We were supposed to run 20. Now, I am the one that never gives a rat's ass about being a mile short or a mile long, while Dennis and Gunhild have been known to run around the parking lot (literally) to get in that last 0.2 miles so that they could call it even. (I just stand there and watch them.) But this time, it was ME that wanted that round number 20. So, I asked them to just run a short 0.5 miles out and back up and down the hill, and of course they said ok. So, yes, we got in an honest 20 today. Felt good.

(pic: a scene from Elder Road a couple of years ago)

* The bike purchase is still pending. I'm very frustrated. Even Trek has poor geometry for their XS frames. Why or why can't someone just SCALE DOWN a frame for us less tall people? It looks like I will have to get a custom built bike, but then it's going to take so long for me to get it, like 3-9 months, depending on the dealer. Whatever. Not sure what I plan on doing right now.

So, that's it for now. Hope y'all are having a great weekend.

PS - If you've ever actually put your computer keyboard into the dishwasher for a good cleaning, please let me know. It certainly does sound like a great way to clean it up real good! But PLEASE, no pranks - that would just be mean! :)


Kendra Borgrunner said...

Lisa, a *dishwasher*?? You were BRAVE TO BELIEVE. I guess I am just non-techy enough to think that could never work. I have spilled many sugary coffees into my keyboard, and one guy once told me a left a window open (in Canada) and a foot of snow piled up on his, and IT still worked, but I am stunned by the intentional dishwasher method. :) I had to drop out of Chuckanut - so have a great run up there on St. Patty's Day. It will be fun. Take care wishes from Seattle.

Lisa B said...

Hi Kendra,

Sorry to miss you at Chuck. Take care of those shins! (Your blog is great.)

I bet there is someone somewhere out there willing to try the dishwasher stunt. Maybe if my keyboard gets resurrected in the next couple of days, I'll try Whirlpooling this one...

Kendall K said...

Given the condition of our keyboard, running it through the dishwasher may be the best thing for it. No matter how I often I say don't eat at the computer, there are still lots of crumbs and spots on the keyboard. I'll try to give you a shout at Chuckanut. With no bike purchase, does this mean no NW Crank? Kendall

Bob Gentile said...

LISA SAID:We did the Elder Road "Plus" loop and ran tons of beautiful rolling country roads
WOW that road looks SOOOOOOO awesome to Run on :-)

Ya a hairdryer works well to dry it out faster and water should not bother it, I have had my share but once spilled a beer in one and it was done, I guess it was a light drinker-haha

Another DAVE on your Crew?? are you making them change their Birth certificates to be on your crew? that is meaner then the dishwasher prank-lol



Lisa B said...

Kendall - It's not looking good for the Crank, but I'll keep trying. I'll C ya at Chuckanut...probably afterwards when you are all showered and fed and recovered, and I am just shuffling my legs across the finish line.

Lisa B said...

Yep, Bob, another Dave. It's going to be amusing as the race goes on and everyone is tired and not paying as much attention. Good thing my name's not Dave too! That would be just too confusing (and weird too).

cathy said...

Hi Lisa. I also spill water on my keyboard too often. : } The guy at Dell told me, after I trashed a laptop keyboard, that water is ok, if the keyboard is not plugged in and (usually) if you unplug it right away. If you keep typing, water and electricity are more likely to intersect. If something gets shorted it can cause permanent damage. I am not ready to throw my new, white Apple keyboard into the dishwasher though. : )

On the bike: Do any shops near you have Terry Bicycles? I have never tried one myself. The company was started by Georgena Terry and they have been building bikes for women for a long time.

Triteacher said...

Our school tech guy stands by it - though not for a laptop - which is what I spilled water on. And it was my husband's. Woops!

Coincidence - I have 5 Daves in my life too. Over the years, we've worked out who's who.

I'm going custom built for my new bike (which I'm not posting about until I have pictures). Just wait until you try to find 650c race wheels. (And let me know when you do, cuz I'll probably STILL be looking!)

Lisa B said...

Hi Cathy,

I looked at Terry's before but that was before I knew what I was looking for in terms of geometry. Now, in looking again, I see that they DO seem to maintain the proper geometry on their smaller frames!

From the website: "By using a smaller wheel, we're able to make the top tube the correct length (you can reach the handlebars comfortably) and the seat tube angle normal (you won't be forever "pushing back" on the saddle)."

Now, THATs correct! A seat angle of 73-74 degrees vs Trek's 75-76.

Hm, thanks, I'll look into them further.

Lisa B said...

Hey tt -

650c wheels! Yes, you are onto something that most people have no clue about! Can I please ask you who is making your bike?? I have a couple of custom options now that I am looking into, one in San Fran and the other in Seattle. If you just need the wheels, I can find them for you through a friend of mine.

Lisa B said...

tt - by the way, Terry fits some of her bikes with 650c wheels. but other choices are limited if you go with her bikes.

Triteacher said...

Hey Lisa, drop me an email and I'll tell all - I'm not ready to go public with details yet!