Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Endurance Sports Awards

Looks like Dean Karnazes won "Male Runner of the Year" at the Endurance Sports Awards this past weekend.

Last year, Scott Jurek won it, and David and I had the honor of being present at this fun and incredibly inspirational ceremony. We also got to see Sarah Reinertsen, Jim MacLaren, and many others receive deserving awards. If you want to see some pictures from last year's Endurance Sports Awards, click here.


Bob Gentile said...

Cool Dean seems like a nice peep, and it was pretty amazing what he did last year with the 50 marathons 50 states in 50 days...I know there was another person that did that earlier 50/50/50 too.

but didn't write a best selling book like KARNO --haha

I looked at that Endurance site and seen Deena Kastor won female athlete of the year...GEESH she is one fast Gal, ran the Marathon 2:19:36 a 5:19 pace...holy crapOla :-)

Great photos from last year! thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I think that Uli Steidl deserves this award. He ran for the University of Portland and was All-American in cross country. He is a awesome runner!

Lisa B said...

Yes, Uli is an awesome runner, but fact is - whether he should or not - DK always seems to steal the spotlight.

olga said...

He's got a lot of media working, not to take away from his great fitness level.
I liked it when Scott got the award:)
Lisa, I've got some stuff added for my injury. I can just say - you rock with diagnosing anything by email! I need to move to Spokane:)