Friday, February 02, 2007

Badwater 2005 videos from King 5

Before I leave for the Valley, I thought I'd leave you with an awesome video presentation by King 5 on Scott Jurek and Ferg Hawk in the 2005 Badwater Ultramarathon. It's worth checking out!

Free Speed!!

Badwater part 1
Badwater part 2
Badwater part 3
Badwater part 4


Bob Gentile said...

CRAP I am getting NO sound...hmmm gonna try and figure this out. I am assuming you have sound, right?

Lisa B said...

Yep, there's sound. I didn't have any trouble. Thanks for the well wishes!

Bob Gentile said...

GRRRR NO SOUND yet I get on EVERY THING Else I watch from other sites etc and works fine...

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I really wanted to hear what they are saying, I also emailed the tech support at that website, they had no good answer on why....

you have to love the mysterious technology monster that pops out once in a while to drive me nuts, now I am going to RUN my frustration out of me--lol

Donald said...

I came here from Rob's site. You have a great blog! Can't wait to come back and read more.

Thanks for the video links.

Lana said...

Lisa-I found your blog via Bob. Best of luck to you at Badwater!

I looked back through your previous posts and found that you did the Vegas marathon - I did it too! I wanted under 4 hours, but didn't get it.

You are an amazing person and runner-I am very inspired. I look forward to your report on Badwater!

Lisa B said...

Hi Don,
Glad you visited my blog. Stop by anytime!

Lisa B said...

Hi Lana,
Thanks for visiting. Congrats on the Vegas thon. Stay tuned for more Badwater stuff. (You really like the inside of oranges, eh?) :)

Lisa B said...

Sorry about the no sound, Bob. Not sure wassup with that. Seems to be working for others. Sure your volume is on???? :)

I'll see what I can do. It ain't the same without the sound.

Bob Gentile said...

SEEK and Ye Shall FIND :-)

I turned on MY Desktop PC and set the links to that PC and YEAH I HEAR SOUND... Thanks :-)

really WEIRD though and I mean WEIRD not NORMAL --haha how I can listen to 20 different video clips per say from all different sites on my laptop but not that dang Badwater clip--no come on that is WEIRD, right not NORMAL--hahha



Lisa B said...

So, Bob, what'd you think of the videos??

Bob Gentile said...

LOVED IT Lisa... Jurek had to dig deep, looked like he was done and then POOF breaks the course record, he is amazing... was funny when he was running down the hill saying FREE Speed and then you see him puking at the bottom of the hill...

he went thru 21 gallons of water- wow!!

and ferg drinking that COLD beer at the end. GOOD STUFF!!

Hey EMAIL me Lisa, I got that TRIGGER Points book today... I think I found out WHY my knee was hurting me, I had a trigger point in my UPPER thigh on the outside and worked it out and it HELPED my knee pain under the knee cap.

That book is great cuz it has some great illustrations and how to attack each area that is hurting you. makes sense to me all those aches and pains are results of triggers in OTHER parts of your Body... like if your ankle hurts It can be from an upper calve trigger.

OK time for beddddddddddd 1:20am already,


Bob Gentile said...

OOOPS Correction

makes sense to me, *SOME* of those aches and pains are results of triggers in OTHER parts of your Body...

the way my knee was hurting I knew I didn't do any type of TWIST directly on my KNEE and I was right it had nothing to do directly with my knee, it was my UPPER thigh that cuzed my KNEE pain.

KNOWLEDGE is POWER and I was alway GOOD at SEEKING it when I want to :-)

I know RECOVERY after my trainings and events is big part of me RUNNING for a long time. SO I have to get better at it and learn more ways to recover faster.