Monday, January 08, 2007

This picture was sent to me today by my friend Ian, who is one of the very first ultrarunners I met many years ago when I was living in Chicago. The picture is from Western States last year. Dr. Jeff Lynn and I are collecting consent forms from the runners for our CPK research at the medical check the day before the race. Jeff (from Slippery Rock University in PA) and I are headed to Houston this weekend to meet up with Dr. Joe Chorley to FINALLY analyze some of our data and work on writing up the articles for publication. We have the Western States CPK study and the Badwater fluid and sodium balance study to work on. It is so fun mixing business and pleasure! Unfortunately, I waited too long to register for the marathon and it sold out. David is not a procrastinator though, so he is in. I'll just be doing the research stuff and working the finish line med tent and having FUN, as usual. I'm sure I'll get in some nice WARM WEATHER RUNS too.

Thanks, Ian! We will miss you at Western States this year, but you won't be away for long, I'm certain of it.

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olga said...

Make sure my results show I am a studd:)
Enjoy warm weather!