Friday, December 08, 2006

Vegas baby!

Ohh kaay! I'm packed for Vegas. It's always harder to pack when you want to pack light. I did pretty good - simple, organized, light, yet still prepared for anything at the marathon. I'm glad the temps will be a little warmer this weekend than they have been. Tim called and said he'll meet me at the gate when I arrive just to say hello. He works at the Vegas airport, so I thought that was a really nice thing for him to do. I'll then head to the expo and get my race packet, say hi to the Zombies, and then go to dinner with Scott, Leah, and few other runners. Leah is running the marathon and Scott is the "supporter." Nice. Leah and I will likely talk excitedly about the Death Valley Trail Marathon for which we both registered the other day. Then, I'll catch a few hours sleep, wake ultra early (literally - the marathon starts at 6 am), run easy, and hope I can make it back to my hotel in time to shower before check out (for the sake of the person I have to sit next to on the plane). Then I'm headed back to the airport for a convoluted connecting flight back home. Should be perfect!

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