Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thanks for the input! We went with the color on the left. The room is now done, the furniture is back in it, and the carpet is steam cleaned. I just need some silk drapery for a final touch (and something on that back wall). It's a drastic change and I love it!

I took some pictures but my new camera is acting up and creating spots on the picture. It's not a lens problem because the spots are in different locations each picture. It seems to be a lighting problem (with the camera) but I really don't know.

But to give you an idea about the amount of work that went into this...check this out:

I will putz around with the camera tomorrow but for now I am tired after a full day's work followed by dinner at Spencer's with my husband and brother. The guys wanted meat and they got it!

Tomorrow we will eat dinner in our new dining room!


timkj said...

What are the official names of the two colors? I guess since your already done there is not much of a chance of a recount? Maybe two walls of each?

olga said...

I like the lights a lot:)

Bob Gentile said...

hmm looks like the DREADED WALLPAPER removal...

I would rather have my legs waxed--LOLOL then remove wallpaper!!!umm not that I ever had my legs waxed but heard it can be painful but not like removing wallpaper

look forward to the final update pic

Lisa B said...

The official color names are Botticelli Red (left) and Ming Red (right). The Ming is a little more "fire engine-ish" so that's why you like it better, Tim. :) We went with the Botticelli. And it's bold indeed! I really like it a lot.

The lights I had made in Coeur d'Alene. I picked the colors and watched the glass blowers work. It was fascinating.

The wall covering removal was dreadful for sure! There was another covering under the top one too. Now, it's done right, and it'd be easy to change when we want. But for now, I'm loving the sexy red color.