Friday, December 01, 2006

Restraint? What restraint?

OK. So, I'm over the Houston Marathon debacle. It's all good. I will likely just pace David in to the finish, and of course, I will help my friends out in the medical tent.

I started looking at other marathons. It's been a long time since I've scoped for marathons to run. I used to do that a lot, but now usually just stick to ultramarathons. I've come to snobbishly think that it is a waste of time and money to travel to a marathon when I regularly do long runs that distance just on a weekend with friends. But, I am not running ultras now and I need the long training runs and it's a bit logistically difficult to run that distance now here in Spokane with all the snow and bitter cold temps. We still put in our 10-mile and 15-mile weekend runs, but I'm itching for longer. AND I'm itching for some shorts sleeves and sun!

So, my impulsive side took charge...and I scratched the itch. I signed up for the Las Vegas Marathon, which is, uh, next weekend.

I'm all registered and booked up for travel and lodging. I'll work on the finer details later this weekend. There can't be much more I have to do. This is just going to be a training run, a fun little 26.2 mile prance through the strip. There will be no racing (not that my marathon times could ever be mistaken at "race" times). The thon starts nice and early (6 am) so I can even get back to the hotel for a quick shower before checking out, and I'll head straight back to the airport. It's perfect. It's spontaneous. It's a little crazy, I admit. David is sitting this one out; he's the stable practical one. He just shakes his head and hugs me and tells me to have a good time. What a dear! I think it'll be a blast. I know a couple of people that will be there, so maybe I'll run into them too.

So, for now, I will run my longish run this weekend; there's no tapering for a marathon! At least, not when it is used as a training run. I'll let you know how it goes.

Must sleep now.


olga said...

This is cool! I love your spontaniety (sp?). And David IS a great husband.
Marathons are actually great training runs, it's like tempo long runs - where else would you do it by yourself or even with friends? I used to run ultras better when I ran marathons on roads. Or may be I was younger...

Lisa B said...

Yes, I agree, Olga. We were younger then too though! David and I are considering the Death Valley Trail Marathon on 2/3/07. Check it out. You would rock there for sure. It'd be fun to get another break from the snow and see the trails in Death Valley in the winter, just the opposite of Badwater. I'm putting on the Yaktrax now for a 10-mile slog on the snow packed/icy roads up the mountain. Hope you have a nice run this AM too.

olga said...

I thought about that one first time a 3 years back. But next year is different for me with our older coming bcak home and me been a perfect Ms. Mom, staying home more and making sure he doesn't feel left out. I will keep it in mind, though, it would be a perfect long run for the year! I am tempted:)

chandra said...

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