Monday, December 11, 2006

Ahh! My legs are finally sore!

Finally, I can run far enough so that my legs feel sore the next day. What a nice feeling!

The Las Vegas Marathon was great. Tim met me at the gate and gave me a quick tour through the airport fire and emergency response station. I've never driven on the tarmac with the airplanes before! He then drove me to transporation and I shuttled it to the Mandalay Bay Hotel. On the shuttle, I met Jon from Iowa who is writing a story for Runners World on "ecomarathoner" Hajime Nishi. He was going to run the race wtih Hajime to learn about his mission.

It was easy to find the Zombie's at the expo. All I had to do was look for the booth with masses of people around it. What a nice site! Don and Gillian have created a superb business. After hanging with the Zombies and buying a Snot Spot, I went to the Luxor to meet Scott and Leah. We went to dinner at Komol Restaurant with a couple of their friends.

The weather in the morning was chilly but very bearable. Overall, the temps for marathon running couldn't have been better. There was quite a bit of wind however over one long gentle upgrade and it actually got a little warm the last few miles (for us Northwesterners) but I was very pleased with the weather and pretty much everything.

I went out a little fast. I usually don't do that but I ran early to catch up with a couple of people, including half-marathoners Donna and her friend who were dresssed as bunnies in pink skirts, ears and cotton tails. I knew early that I had better chill my pace lest I pay for it over the second half. And I did a little as I tired over the miles and into the wind.

At about mile 24, a runner goes flying by me - uphill. I can barely read the back of his shirt. It says, "Set a good example." It is Badwater doubler John Radich and he is sprinting to the finish. After I cross the line, I find him and we get a chance to talk about all sorts of running stuff.

My goal was to finish under 4 hours and so I did. The results are already posted. I am satisfied. I am also glad I have run far enough and hard enough to have some muscle soreness. I was going to hop in the sauna this morning, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow instead!

Leah wanted to run around 3:45 and she ran a great race, finishing in 3:47:05. Donna, the bunny in the half marathon, is usually a pretty fast runner, but she is presently coming back from an injury. Her goal was just to be able to cover the distance but also to hopefully make in it under 2 hours....and she did! Way to go, Donna!

Previous lesson learned: NOW, I will rest. I will let my legs - that want so much to run again today - recover. I will treat them like I should and not push them too much. I want to be back for good this time!


olga said...

WTG, Lisa! I checked the results yesterday and saw you broke 4 - cool! Take a couple of days off, you deserve it:) Just kidding, you know what's you're doing.
Congrats to Leah too, awesome time!

Bob Gentile said...

Awesome Lisa B, Great RACE and report ... I never heard of the snot spot. I need one of those ...

ahhh so much to learn I even have to learn how to wipe my SNOT away -- LOL I was using a hanky, wow what a rookie I am I need to Step up, I mean SNOT Up :-)

Also about that badwater dude flying in the last 2 miles hard--geesh...

Thanks Lisa for an inspirational update on ur race... now go ENJOY your sore legs,


Lisa B said...

Thanks, Olga. It was tons of fun. And Bob, we don't usually wipe our snots away, we usually BLOW them away, one nostril at a time. I use the snot spot for my misses (my nose runs faster than me in the cold). They work great over a glove, and then you only have to toss the snot spot in the washer, saving your gloves. Check out the link to the Zombies store. They've got what you want and need there!

rich_limacher said...

Lisa, you're a trooper. Injured... and yet you ran and, for my money, ran HARD. So tough, so much punch in so little package. You will likely be the best reason why, when California slides off the coast and into the sea, Washington won't. Continue rockin' on, hon! You make Chi-Town smile... cuz you came from here.
I'd love to write more, but I don't think Google--or whatever the hell this is--will let me. Just these notes: earlier didn't you say that Tim's a firefighter? How does he have access all over McCarron Airport? Oh yeah, and I think it's "tarmac."
And finally, I wish I had a younger sis like you have bro. I do have a younger sis, but she is NOTHING like your younger bro. You are a very lucky champion indeed. (To me, hey, you WON that Lost Wages Marathud!)
--[do I sign my name here, or what?] {will Google let me post this, or do I gotta JOIN and PAY MONEY??}