Sunday, November 26, 2006

Back in the running

It is so nice to be back running again. It's been a long year with injury after injury since my ankle ligament surgery in December 2005. Other than Uncle Joe's 50k in September, I haven't run any ultras this year. I recovered from the ankle surgery just fine, but every time I increased my mileage a bit, I thought I could increase it a LOT. I forgot the advice "enjoy in moderation." Finally, things are coming around. Last week I ran a 15.5 mile hilly run at an 8:15 pace, followed by 3 miles the next day and 9 the next. Finally, I felt I had graduated to running with my husband and friends again! In fact, they were the slow ones!

Since I had time off work this week like most other people, I had some time to put in some miles. BUT I had to remember to restrain myself. And I did. And it went well. I ran 4 miles Thursday, 18 slow miles on Friday, and then I made myself take Saturday off. Today, I ran another 10+ with David and Dennis and Steely. I feel fine tonight! The ankle always lets me know it's not 100% after I run, but a little icing always cures the grumbling.

Today was cold, cold, cold! We've been lucky with the warm weather so far, but the wind picked up and the snow started and stuck to the ground. My hands froze during our run, as usual in the cold. Still, I couldn't complain. I am back in the running and am so grateful for it.

David and I put up our Christmas tree and wreaths and did a little decorating. Not much; we're simplistic.